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AVCOM Of Virginia Inc.

About Us

AVCOM of Virginia is a vertically integrated technology company with 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of commercial high quality, spectrum analyzers and signal monitoring products, in the USA.

Founded in 1976, AVCOM initially provided the SATCOM industry with our PSR-3 Satellite Receiver. This product differentiated itself from the competition with its unique “Scan-Tune” functionality which allowed the receiver to be tuned back and forth across all transponders once every 3 seconds. AVCOM continued to develop and produce a variety of receivers and satellite accessories throughout the early 1980’s.

It’s the Scan-Tune functionality developed for the satellite receiver industry that set the stage for the first AVCOM spectrum analyzer product. In 1985, AVCOM developed a cost effective spectrum analyzer modeled after their high-end competitors, but without the extreme performance and much more affordable. The PSA-35 Spectrum Analyzer was introduced to the market at the 1986 Satellite Show in Las Vegas. Since then, AVCOM has continued to expand their product portfolio with remote, rack-mounted and portable spectrum analyzer solutions.

Our catalog included products such as power dividers, 60dB isolators, DC blocks, low loss microwave cable assemblies as well as other more sophisticated and customized products such as the PTR-24 test receiver, the TISH-40 terrestrial interference survey horn and the WCA-4 waveguide adapter.

Continued innovation and Development of technology has enabled us to now offer a wide range of spectrum analyzers for the broadcast, teleport, defence, aerospace, wireless, oil& gas communications market segments.

Our team’s ability to provide solutions to unusual requirements was successfully repeated throughout our history and has led to several patents. Avcom has succeeded in becoming a recognized leader and a valued partner with our customers by listening and responding to their requirements, exceeding their expectations, and generating cost-effective advanced solutions for small and large projects.

It is this resourcefulness, innovation and experience that has established Avcom’s reputation as and we remain committed to providing our customers and partners, worldwide the very best solutions.

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