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AVCOM Of Virginia Inc.

API Protocol

Avcom SBS2 API v2.3.0 Packages

The SBS2 API facilitates client communication with AVCOM of Virginia’s SBS2 & EVO families of products. These products include:
• SBS2-2150 Spectrum Analyzers
• SBS2-2150 Beacon Receivers
• RBR-2150 Beacon Receivers
• EVO-RSA-6070A Spectrum Analyzer

The New Avcom EVO GUI is an example of a client application that uses the SBS2 API to discover, configure, and operate SBS2 products.

The SBS2 API is written in ANSI C and is tested to work in Windows and POSIX-compatible environments.

The API is available with pre-built 32-bit libraries for Windows x86 (_.dll) and Linux x86_64 (_.so) both with required header files.

API library source code is available for native compilation in other environments. A simple no-cost, royalty-free license agreement is signed by the receiving person/organization. Once
that agreement is received by Avcom the source code will be released to that party.

The SBS2 USB interface is an FTDI device. The SBS2 API uses the FTDI D2XX API (not the FTDI Virtual Com Port)
The API is packaged to accommodate different customer needs. These fall into some main categories:
• Dependency on FTDI USB libraries is not desired
• Some applications have custom or platform-specific non-POSIX messaging methods. For these customers the NOOS API code provides all the same API calls and provides the
necessary packing of data into a packet buffer (and vice-versa). The developer simply needs to send and receive these packet buffers using their methods.

Package Type OS USB Support Package Name Documentation Hardware
Prebuilt LibraryMS WindowsYeslibaovsbs2-win32-std.2.3.0.ziplibaovsbs2-doc-std-2.3.0.zipX86
Prebuilt LibraryMS WindowsNOlibaovsbs2-win32-nousb.2.3.0.ziplibaovsbs2-doc-std-2.3.0.zipX86
Prebuilt LibraryLinux 64-bit Yeslibaovsbs2.x86.64.std.2.3.0.tar.gzlibaovsbs2.doc.std.2.3.0.tar.gzX86_64
Prebuilt LibraryLinux 64-bitNOlibaovsbs2-x86 64-nousb.2.3.0.tar.xzlibaovsbs2.doc.std.2.3.0.tar.gzX86_64
Source CodeOS (POSIX-compliant)Build Option.
See Note 1.
Source CodeOS (POSIX-compliant)Build Option.
See Note 1.
Source CodeNo OS,Non-POSIX MessagingNOlibaovsbs2.src.2.3.0.tar.gzlibaovsbs2.doc-noos.2.3.0.tar.gz--
Source CodeNo OS,Non-POSIX MessagingNOlibaovsbs2.src.2.3.0.ziplibaovsbs2-doc-noos.2.3.0.zip--