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AVCOM Of Virginia Inc.


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A few years back Tektronix deemed their 1705A Spectrum Monitor obsolete and AVCOM stepped up to the plate and surveyed the customers to find out what they liked and did not like about the 1705 series product, then went to work on the SNG-2500C which from a technical standpoint replaces the 1705 and does much more.

The SNG-2500C can be used to acquire the satellite, peak the antenna and then monitor the carrier locally or using it as a Remote Carrier Monitor giving the engineers a way to assist a new operator or just check in on the uplink performance.

“You guys have outdone yourselves! Great Spectrum Monitor at a great price. This unit is a perfect replacement for the old 1705A Tektronix Spectrum Monitor. It even fits perfectly inside the Tektronix rack mounted bracket too!”

Eddie Maalouf, VP Engineering, Pacsat