Legacy GUI Software (National Instruments – LabView)

NOTE 1: SBS2 and Beacon Receiver products require GUI v4.0 or newer

NOTE 2: The sbs2net tool to help set SBS2 IP Address should no longer be needed when using GUI V4.0rc59 or later

August 21, 2019 – GUI v4.0rc59 pre-release update available!

⇒ Any previous v4.0 version should be replaced with v4.0rc59

Downloads for Windows XP and greater.

If you have previously installed an Avcom GUI, then you have the necessary drivers and can save time by downloading the Lite version which is a GUI update only. These are zipped (.zip) installers. Save to local drive then unzip to install.

Save file to local drive then double-click to install.

System Requirements for Windows GUIs: Windows XP and greater

CPU: Pentium III 1.5GHz or equivalent (Pentium 4/M or equivalent recommended)

Memory: Depends on # Windows shown. 3GB RAM for 12 Windows

Changes: Issue Fixed: Incorrect marker frequencies. Additional Beacon Receiver settings and features.

v4.0rc59 GUI includes SBS2 support