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EVO-GUI Software

  • EVO – GUI Software
  • EVO – GUI User Manual

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Release Notes

    • Fix spectrum mode support on old SBS2 units that did not properly support AVCOM_SBS_QueryFeature
    • Fix rbw selection in BR preview mode to make sure rbw is valid
    • Update measured frequency to fix corrected sbs2api unit error
    • Improve graph utilization by getting unit specified dynamic range using AVCOM_SA_GetDynamicRange
    • Fix reconnect bug when using quick connect
    • Fix bug when input was unable to be set
    • Fix bug on set input for SBS1 products with different reflvls
    • Update sbs1api to v1.8.3.0
    • Update sbs2api to v2.10.3.0
    • Update aovhpbasic to v1.3.3.0
    • Add hw and bom version to analyzer info screen
    • Add Linux build options
    • Update default demo slot names
    • Change default trace color to yellow
    • Remove unused help buttons
    • Fix dB and dBm typos
    • Increase max graph range to 30dBm
    • Add an optional advanced feature menu and full support for sweep optimization within the new menu
    • Update sbs2api to v2.8.4
    • Use AVCOM_BR_GetLatestData over AVCOM_BR_GetLastSweep if BR supports it
    • Add support for changing network settings over USB
    • Add search on all network adapters options to fix most common network search problems
    • Initial v1.0 Release

EVO-GUI (Graphical User Interface)

After installing and running the GUI software, click on the