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The CLM products operate with the included EVO GUI software installed on the user’s PC and iterface via ethernet or USB. Ultra Compact Self Contained Design: If your design or application has space limitations or you require portability, the CLM spectrum analyzer provides a dual, switched-input, solution. With the included external power supply, the CLM, it’s ready for use as a compact standalone spectrum analyzer in the field. Avcom provides POSIX-C compliant API protocol for integration with user’s system software.


  •  Ultra Compact Clamshell Design
  •  Full-featured Dual-Input Spectrum Analyzer
  •  Fast Cross-pol testing between ports.
  •  Precise And Accurate Amplitude and Frequency Response
  •  Remote Control and Monitoring Via Ethernet Using EVO GUI Software
  •  Remote API Protocol Available

    Performance & Specifications

    The CLM is designed for the measurement and analysis of communications and broadcast carriers, uplink, downlink, LBand carriers. Signals can be continuously monitored and stored. The CLM provides excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy along with resolution bandwidth (RBW) selection from 1kHz to 1MHz. Variable reference levels (RL) from -10dB to -40dB make viewing of smaller to larger signals possible


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SPAN WIDTH: Up to 1100 MHz
RESOLUTION B A N D W I D T H: 1kHz, 3kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 300kHz, 1MHz
REFERENCE LEVELS: Selectable -10 to -40 dBm in 10dB steps
SFDR: 60dB
USABLE AMPLITUDE RANGE:                      -100 to -10 dBm
FREQUENCY ACCURACY:                           ± 1 kHz typical
PORT-TO-PORT ISOLATION:                        50 dB typical
MAX RF INPUT:                                            25 VDC MAX (DC Blocked); +0 dBm
INPUT IMPEDANCE:                                     50 Ω
RF INPUT CONNECTORS:                             2 x SMA Dual-switched Inputs
RETURN LOSS:                                           -15 dB
NOISE FLOOR (min atten, 3kHz RBW)         -100 dBm, -134 dBm/Hz
NOISE FLOOR (max atten, 3kHz RBW)        -70 dBm, -104 dBm/Hz
NOISE FIGURE (RL=-40dBm)                     2.1 dB
PHASE NOISE @ 10 kHz (2 GHz)              -83 dBc/Hz
PHASE NOISE @ 100 kHz (2 GHz)            -85 dBc/Hz
PHASE NOISE @ 1 MHz (2 GHz)               -96 dBc/Hz
OPERATING T E M P E R A T U R E              -40 to +70 o C
ENCLOSURE SIZE                                    6” W x 8.5” L x 2” H     (14.4 x 60.3 x 5.08cm)
WEIGHT:                                                       7 lbs; 2 kg
COMMUNICATION, TYPE, CONNECTOR       Ethernet, 10/100 Auto, RJ-45
INPUT VOLTAGE                                          15-24 VDC
DC POWER CONSUMPTION                         3 W


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EVO-GUI Software

  • EVO – GUI Software
  • EVO – GUI User Manual

Download Exe File Download GUI User Manual

Release Notes

    • Add hw and bom version to analyzer info screen
    • Add Linux build options
    • Update default demo slot names
    • Change default trace color to yellow
    • Remove unused help buttons
    • Fix dB and dBm typos
    • Increase max graph range to 30dBm
    • Add an optional advanced feature menu and full support for sweep optimization within the new menu
    • Update sbs2api to v2.8.4
    • Use AVCOM_BR_GetLatestData over AVCOM_BR_GetLastSweep if BR supports it
    • Add support for changing network settings over USB
    • Add search on all network adapters options to fix most common network search problems
    • Initial v1.0 Release

EVO-GUI (Graphical User Interface)

After installing and running the GUI software, click on the