• SDR Technology
  • Extended L-BAND; 400 – 3000 MHz
  • Up to 12 inputs Available
  • Span up to 1100 MHz
  • Ethernet Remote M & C via included EVO-GUI Software


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Rack Mount for Performance and Reliability

Software-defined-radio spectrum analyzer for remote spectrum monitoring of L-band signals in a versatile 1RU enclosure. Remote access over ethernet utilizing included Avcom’s EVO-GUI software, or user-defined API. Provides system integrator and end-user total flexibility in configuration of many features such as, markers, shape alarms and recording. Robust hardware design based on field-proven years of experience provides a cost-effective yet reliable analyzer for many applications.

Versatile Remote Control Software

The EVO-RSA can provide discrete remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world. The EVO-RSA is monitored and controlled using the Avcom Remote Control Software EVO-GUI via USB, or Ethernet. The EVO-GUI has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with no special training required. Up to sixteen windows can be displayed at one time. The Avcom GUI will run on the WINDOWS OS. The GUI is preconfigured for actual remote analyzers we keep online so that you can try the software before purchasing. Download Evo Software.

“Following the Signal”, and listening to our customers, this series is perfect. suited to provide functionality in earth stations, teleports, and RF signal monitoring environments. The EVO-GUI software pairs perfectly with all Avcom analyzers for demand. applications which require the extended performance characteristics, while still providing low cost-of-ownership and a highly cost-effective and reliable professional product. Visit www.avcomofva.com/EVO-GUI to download your copy.