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SBS2-2150 RSA


  • Designed To Be Integrated Into OEM Systems
  • Designed For Satcom On-The-Move (SOTM)
  • Rugged Design With Extended Temperature Range
  • Precise And Accurate Amplitude And Frequency Response
  • Full Remote Control And Monitoring Via Ethernet/USB Using Free Remote Control Software (GUI)
  • Posix Compliant “C” – Access Via GUI Or Available API
  • 10MHz Reference Signal Viewing Capability
  • 3kHz Resolution Bandwidth Option Available

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Rack Mount Design for Remote Monitoring And Control

The RSA Spectrum Analyzer offers a rack mount version of the rugged embedded Single Board (SBS) product. It measures L-band and 10 MHz reference signals. The popular SBS has been successfully integrated into other OEM systems and is now offered in a rack-mount enclosure to meet your demanding requirements. The versatile free software GUI will monitor and control the RSA over IP and the hardware can be configured with connectors of your choice.

Performance & Specifications

The SBS2-2150E-RSA input covers an extended L-Band frequency of 950MHz to 2150MHz and will also allow monitoring of a 10MHz reference signal. The SBS2-2150E-RSA design only requires an external input voltage, accepting a wide range of +15 to +24VDC @ 7W. Communication is provided via Ethernet or USB. The SBS2-2150E-RSA supports both commercial Ethernet and USB connectors or header connectors for easier embedded system integration. Along with resolution bandwidths of 1MHz to 10 kHz, a 3kHz RBW option is available for applications requiring very detailed signal analysis. SBS2-2150E-RSA allows changes to the number of data points used if application needs to optimize refresh rate verses resolution. The data point number can be adjusted from 1-4000 points in the control software.

Versatile Remote Control Software (GUI)

The SBS2 can provide discrete remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world. The SBS2 is monitored and controlled using the Avcom Remote Control Software EVO-GUI via USB, or Ethernet. The EVO-GUI has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with no special training required. Up to sixteen windows can be displayed at one time. The Avcom GUI will run on the WINDOWS OS. The GUI is preconfigured for actual remote analyzers we keep online so that you can try the software before purchasing. Download Evo Software.

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