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AVCOM Of Virginia Inc.



Our rack-mount SNG or portable PSA products perform flawlessly whether peaking an antenna or using it as a carrier monitor.

If rack space is a premium then we have you covered with our RSA line of spectrum monitors that are remote interface only using a minimum of 1RU or even a ½ of 1RU allowing for another device to be along side of the spectrum monitor.

All of our units have the ability to send out alarms when a spectrum shape or level is set.

You also have the ability to monitor multiple inputs simultaneously using our Master GUI polling feature, creating something that usually can only be found in more expensive carrier monitoring systems.

A single input is the standard offering on our products but we have the ability to provide 2 inputs on all our products, 4 and even 6 on our SNG and RSA family of products.

Because we make all of our own bezels we can offer a wide variety of input connector types. BNC is our standard but we also have type F, SMA, TNC and N. We also can do any combination of these connectors at no extra cost.We have developed a wide product selection of spectrum monitor solutions that have local display capability combined with remote interface.