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AVCOM has become a world leader in the Maritime Industry for carrier monitoring and spectrum analyzer products.

Avcom has been working for over 10 years to supply product for the Maritime Industry and has been working closely with System Integrators that use the Avcom product in their designs.

Avcom can offer an end to end custom solution to our customers that other companies can’t offer. Whether it is a spectrum analyzer, switching system, frequency extender, or custom GUI, Avcom can provide the glue that is needed to pull the system together.

Avcom can offer a wide variety of products that fit the need of the job. Whether the need calls for a portable or rack mount display product, or a non display rack mount product, we’ve got you covered. If rack space is a premium we can also offer the CLM Ultra Portable or the SBS Embedded Spectrum Analyzer Card that can be mounted out of sight or embedded into the antenna platform or inside another piece of equipment to provide a clean, custom solution.

By offering a wide variety of products we can target each of our customers needs, whether it be a Super Yacht or a large Cruise Ship, we have the solution that works.

One customer says:

“I just got info that our NOC in Miramar, FL logged onto the AVCOM Spec An on a French research ship in the Atlantic off the coast of France via satellite. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works so well.”

Jesse C. McGay
Technical Service Representative

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